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KeryFlex Nail Restoration

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The Process

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How the Process Works

The only Healthcare professional who can apply KeryFlex is your Podiatrist​

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Firstly, the affected nail is cleaned and prepared by removing any debris or loose material from the surface.

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Synthetic Resin Applied

KeryFlex resin is then applied to the surface of the nail using a brush, and is molded to the shape of the natural nail.

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Curing with UV light

The resin is then cured with a special UV light, which hardens the material and creates a durable and flexible coating.

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Perfect Natural Nail

 Once the resin is cured, it is filed and buffed to create a smooth and natural-looking finish. The nail can be painted with nail polish if desired.

About KeryFlex

KeryFlex is a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of damaged or unsightly nails. It is a non-invasive procedure carried out by a Podiatrist in a hygienic clinical environment.
There are a variety of conditions which can cause nail trauma, leading to discolored, thickened or brittle nails and your local Podiatrist understands how these are treated.

After the KeryFlex process you will walk out with your nails looking like new and your confidence boosted! It is quick and does not require anesthesia or surgery, making it a convenient and pain-free option.

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